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What is the best way to design your kitchen?

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Kitchens should be treated as an extension of your home; one of my favorite kitchens I used black wallpaper as an accent to offset the traditional cabinetry. I like to use colors that are unexpected; black or bright yellow (if I can get away with it). Bold colors can be added in any scale to bring personality and excitement to any kitchen, whether it be the cabinet color or simply a seat cushion or window shade.


What is your favorite product right now?

The Saarinen dining table complements any style and is durable for any family home.


One hint that you would give to every client:


Matching art to interiors; because art is it’s own entity and not an accessory.


How do you add color to your home?


Take chances with color; it’s easy to play it safe but using a bold and dramatic color will really enlighten and enrich any space, especially when mixed with neutral tones to keep it grounded.

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