Curious to know what they next big color trends for interiors will be? What hues will be all the rage in kitchens, bedrooms and the link? A few weeks ago at the Dwell on Design conference at the LA Convention Center the guys from Consort Design and I got together to outline the key color trends for 2018 interiors. In case you weren’t in the audience. I’ve recapped our talk below. Aren’t you DYEING to know which colors made the cut? Wondering if Millennial Pink or Greenery are still in the mix? Read on, friends!



I don’t know about you but aren’t dark blue kitchens all the rage on IG lately? As part of the jewel tone color family, MIDNIGHT blue is a rich navy blue color that ranges in color from dusty navy to almost black. Forecasted as color #1 for 2018 interiors, there are three main colors that drop into the MIDNIGHT color family: French Blue, Cosmos, and Marine. This past fall MIDNIGHT made a splash in runway fashion and fashion accessories. Did you notice the midnight blue bootie trend that every fashion blogger was wearing? Or how about the use of MIDNIGHT all over the 2017 Jason Wu runway show? The predominant way I’ve been seeing this color used is in kitchens as either a monochromatic color scheme or in an otherwise all white kitchen as a paint color for kitchen cabinets. This rich color is also being used in place of flattering them out. And if you happened to snag the MIDNIGHT Chanel bag or anything from the Jason Wu SS17 collection you can match back to your kitchen – the ultimate chic expression for the color obsessed.


From my perspective as textile designer, MIDNIGHT spawned from the Indigo Textiles trends. Indigo textiles get their dark navy color from Indigo dyeing techinques that date back centuries. Although many modern “indigo textiles” are actually printed replicas which mimic the authentic technique, they continue to celebrate the rich, dark blue color. This color trend has been so popular as it compliments a wide range of interior styles and palettes, from the black and white interiors, to bohemian chic interiors, to beachy coastal, to traditional. At Caroline Cecil Textiles we also have an offering of MIDNIGHT textiles which we call Monsoon. We offer Monsoon in some of our best selling hand printed textiles: BERLIAN, HUTAN, and ARJA.
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CELADON is the newest, freshest emerging color trend for 2018 and looking at this dreamy color it’s easy to see why. As smart phones and social media grow in popularity, society is seeking ways to integrate more calming colors into their lives that can offset the fast pace. Forecasted as color #2 of 2018 interiors, there are main colors that drop into the CELADON color family: Sage, Lichen, and Eucalyptus. CELADON is being used as an interior paint color in bedrooms and living rooms, in monochromatic color schemes and also paired with neturals and greys. The green color family has been the bell of the ball as of late, starting a few years ago with the rich, jewel-tone shade of Emerald Green, and more recently in 2017 a Pantone’s bright lime color of the year: Greenery Forecasted for 2018, Celadon represents a new direction for green. Get ready to see the softer side of green.

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Love a good pop color? GOLD RUSH is quickly emerging as the pop color of 2018 interiors. Forecasted as color #3 for 2018 interiors, there are three main colors that drop into the GOLD RUSH color family: Gold Brick, Lemon, and Light Mustard. Unlike MIDNIGHT and CELADON, please use this bright burst sparingly, when it comes to GOLD RUSH a little goes a long way people. Incorporate this color through accent pillows, ceramics, kitchen textiles, and art.

If we think back a few years to the MET Gala 2016 when Rhi Rhi wore the golden yellow chinoiserie gown… just how does she walk in heels with THAT train?! Like many other MET Gala moments, this dress and more specifically this color had mass cultural impact. Since then we’ve seen a range of yellows popping up throughout fashion and interiors. You can read a full recap of how yellow has evolved over the years in my previous post about this power color here.

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Already the bell of the ball, Millennial Pink is EVERYWHERE. MP will continue to grow in popularity as predominant color trend into 2018 interiors. Forecasted as color #4 for 2018 interiors. there are three main colors that drop into the MP color family: Dogwood, Blush, and Soft Sedona. The MP color trend and quickly evolved into Pantone’s color of the year, Rose Quartz. A slightly more blue shade of pastel pink, Rose Quartz has continued its evolution into the gender neutral MP. Celebrated by men and women alike, in interiors, editorial products shoots, fashion accessories, and pretty much every other product shoots, fashion accessories, and pretty much every other product category imaginable, MP has been all over interiors as well. Looking into my color crystal ball, this color will absolutely continue to have strong presence in 2018.


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Written by: Caroline Cecil of Caroline Cecile Textiles

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