Bronsen’s Project Safari ceramic animal busts, part of Bezar’s initial launch.

Bradford Shellhammer brings his years of experience selling design wares at Fab to a new online marketplace, Bezar. The site takes a flash sales-like approach to connecting entrepreneurial makers with shoppers fatigued by big-box design retail. No product will be on sale for more than a week, making each transaction special and freeing up digital shelf space to showcase more designers’ work.

Every day Bezar will launch a new virtual “pop up shop” in each of its four verticals, Art, House, Jewelry, and Accessories. One brand will be available in each category per day, for a total of 120 brand collaborations each month. For Bezar’s March 17 launch, the site will feature three extra collections across its four categories. Shellhammer hopes the rapid rotation will lend upstart designers the exposure they need to compete in a crowded marketplace.

Shellhammer will join us at Dwell on Design to discuss the next frontier in digital retail.

Originally submitted by Luke Hopping