The iT House in Pioneertown, California is an Airbnb rental that was featured in Dwell’s November 2008 issue


Dwell is pleased to welcome Airbnb as the exclusive host sponsor of Dwell on Design Los Angeles. Not only is this exciting news for us, but it also means attendees will experience more incredible attractions and offerings, including a place to recharge—physically and electronically—via the Airbnb Recharge Lounge.

At everyone’s favorite Dwell Outdoor zone, guests will also have a chance to visit the Airbnb Home, featuring the C6 model prefab, a three bedroom, two bathroom low-cost design by Steve Glenn of LivingHomes. Inside, Airbnb will present a welcoming, home-like environment, where visitors can envision what it’s like to be part of the Airbnb story, in which hosts are the heroes and travelers feel like locals.

Steve Glenn’s LivingHomes C6 prefab, as seen at DODLA 2014


During the weekend, Airbnb will also present two discussions. The “Travel, Hosting, and Design” presentation (scheduled for Sunday, May 31) will focus on Airbnb’s community of local hosts, who open their homes to travelers around world, creating superlative travel experiences for modern adventurers.

The Saturday panel, “Designing the Workplace of the Future,” will bring Airbnb’s environments team to the stage to speak on the innovative design of the company’s new Portland office. Presenters will also share their findings on the effects of smart design in the office environment, and how a “homey” surrounding leads to happier, more productive workers.

Originally submitted by Brandi Andres