Ed Begley, Jr. adds to the discussion of climate change in this Funny or Die video

In a farcical take on the climate change controversy, Ed Begley, Jr. joins a group of comedic actors in a short, PSA-like commercial on the fictional medical condition of Climate Change Denial Disorder (CCDD). As much as the video is meant to poke fun at these deniers, who the video claims suffer from “delusion, arrogance, and a general misunderstanding of basic scientific findings,” Begley, Jr. has been a longtime environmental activist.

In the witty video, his character boasts, “I’m going to wait until more horrible shit happens to our planet. . . You’re welcome.” Given Begley, Jr.’s active participation in protecting the environment — he’s written a book (Living Like Ed: A Guide to the Eco-Friendly Life) on his environmental views and also serves on the board of the Union of Concerned Scientists — his character’s statement is about as far stretched as one can go from his personal stance on the matter.

The actor and Dwell on Design veteran will speak at the show on Sunday, May 31, as part of Dwell’s Energy 360 discussion, on the construction of his net-zero home and how everyone plays a role in the future of our environment.

Originally submitted by Brandi Andres