Ptolemy Mann, Chromacolour flatweave

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Flatwoven or tapestry-woven carpets and textiles have been made by generations of weavers in all corners of the world. The technique lies at the heart of the history of textile weaving, but kilims and tapestries remain as relevant and important in the world of contemporary design and interiors as they have ever been.

While they traditionally had a utilitarian purpose such as to decorate the home, to serve as various covers, as mule saddles or to wrap food, today flatweaves are a popular floorcovering choice the world over. The method with which they are woven lends itself to creating flat planes of colour and geometric patterns. These traditional tribal designs perfectly suit our contemporary design sensibilities currently focused on the minimalist aesthetic. The pure blocks of colour, simple stripes or checks that flatweaves offer are ideal for modern interior spaces. In addition flatweaves are often offered at lower price points than pile carpets.

Tantuvi, flatweave

Over the last five years the design industry has been increasingly focused on the concept of craft, makers, handmade goods, and with designs that are easily recognised as handwoven. Flatweaves fit clearly into this trend. Their flat surfaces are a perfect way to show off excellent quality wool, accomplished weaving and brilliant colour, all of which can be the deciding factor when choosing a rug. There is something very open and honest about the design of a kilim, a characteristic much appreciated by design savvy buyers who are able to recognise the integral, genuine texture that the flatwoven surface offers.

Flatweaves have been well represented during the eleven years of the Carpet Design Awards held at DOMOTEX Hanover, and many have gone on to win a coveted prize. But for the 2017 edition of the CDA, flatwoven rugs have been granted their own ‘best of type’ category. COVER issues 43 and 44 featured Trends pages dedicated to flatweave rugs. Here follow fourteen examples demonstrating the great versatility of this rug type.

Rouge du Rhin, Marrakech flatweave


Ames Sala, Nobsa flatweave


GUR, Colonia flatweave


Dana Haim, Lola flatweaves


Arro Home, Desert Dawn flatweave


Encuentro Bajo del Sol de los Dioses flatweave from an exhibition of Peruvian craft at Ventura Lambrate, Milan


Kilims Ada, Manzara Toros flatweave


Nanimarquina, Lattice 1 flatweave


Floor_Story, Khidki flatweave


Oyyo, Ostra flatweave


Carpet Burns, Geometric 003 flatweave


Haro Teppiche, Africa Tiko flatweave