Drought Resistant Landscape by FormLA incorporates IdealMow lawn, Dymondia, Juncus, and Hummingbird sage. (Photo Courtesy of Orly Olivier)

In light of California’s water shortage, Cassy Aoyagi’s drought-tolerant landscapes feel incredibly prescient. This Los Angeles home (above) showcases some of the designer’s favorite eco-friendly solutions, such as a low-watering lawn alternative, Dymondia, and sage. The FormLA co-founder is also keen on designing with permeable hardscapes that allow rainfall to seep into the ground, absorbing rather than amplifying heat.

Photo by Marion Brenner

California-based landscape architect Ive Haugeland brings a touch of her native Norway into her modern, simplistic designs. “I just came back from Norway, where I spent time in an area that’s being redeveloped around Bergen, an interesting new landscape. I’m inspired by the pedestrian walks taking shape all along the water,” Haugeland says. “I like concrete pavers because they are clean and precise.”

Career horticulturist Wendy Proud has worked in the garden nursery business for twenty-eight years, giving her a unique insight on the trends of landscape design and consumer purchasing. In her new role as California Sales Representative of Mountain States Wholesale Nursery, she became instantly hooked on desert adapted plants and the desire to inspire others about the beauty and diversity of plants from the Southwest and other arid regions.

On Sunday, May 31, these three experts who make our Dwell Outdoor section come alive each year will explore what we can do right now to conserve water in our landscaping, maximize hardscaping to rehydrate groundwater, and reintroduce native plants into our gardens. If you’re an Earth-lover like we are, this is a panel you won’t want to miss!


Originally submitted by Brandi Andres