Clean Design practices are evident in this EcoBungalow’s master bedroom, as seen in Robin Wilson’s book

We hear so many buzzwords about interior design, but few that emphasize the importance of wellbeing. A noteworthy movement is on the rise, and it focuses on improving health and the importance of living and working in a wellness environment.

The movement is Clean Design, and it’s particularly helpful for those with asthma and allergies. It’s also the focus of my new book, Clean Design: Wellness for your Lifestyle (Greenleaf, 2015). The goal of the healthy trend, and the book, is to teach consumers how to manage or limit toxins that enter the living space and to clean the home in a way that promotes a healthy environment every day.

Can you remember when you last washed or replaced your bed pillows? Most households clean their pillows every six years. Given the buildup of dust mites and pollen that settle on our pillows, the hair and facial oils and drool that soak in—not to mention, the dirt that collects from pets who sleep on the bed—that’s like sleeping on dirty pajamas that haven’t been cleaned in six years. Yuck!

With 60 million Americans suffering from asthma or allergies, or both (compared to 16 million people with diabetes), and it’s clear we’re dealing with a health issue of epidemic proportions.

The good news is that managing asthma and allergy triggers in your home, among other toxins, is an easy intervention with Clean Design, through helpful, simple-solution tips and tricks, suited for all budgets. When you consider that one-third of our lives are spent sleeping on dirty pillows, it’s apparent Clean Design is a methodology that serves everyone.


Robin Wilson is an expert on healthy homes, author, entrepreneur and interior designer, with a branded line of hypoallergenic textile products sold at Bed Bath & Beyond and eco-friendly cabinetry sold by Holiday Kitchens.

Wilson will speak at Dwell on Design Los Angeles, Saturday, May 30, and sign copies of her book Clean Design: Wellness for Your Lifestyle. Register for your tickets today!

Originally submitted by Robin Wilson